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$201 to $300 Per Night (High Season)

Anguilla Great House Rendezvous Bay Show map location $250

Phone: 264-497-6061
Fax: 264-497-6019
Toll free: 800-583-9247
West Indian cottages
Official Web Page More Info Link 30 units

Air conditioningOn the beachSwimming PoolRestaurant
Blue Waters Beach Apartments Shoal Bay West Show map location $235

Phone: 264-497-6292
Fax: 264-497-6982
Availability very limited in season.
Visitor report News article 9 units

On the beachRestaurantKitchens
Caribella Beach Resort Barnes Bay Show map location $350

Phone: 978-263-4734
Fax: 978-263-2395
Tollfree: 800-969-8002
Local: 264-497-6045. Email:
By the week.
More Info Link 6 units

On the beachKitchens
Carimar Beach Club Meads Bay Show map location $340

Phone: 264-497-6881
Fax: 264-497-6071
Tollfree: 800-235-8667
Walk to restaurants.
Official Web Page News article 24 units

On the beachTennisKitchens
Paradise Cove Resort Cove Bay Show map location $250

Phone: 264-497-6603
Fax: 264-497-6927
Washer/Dryer in each condo
Official Web Page News article Review Link 29 units

Air conditioningSwimming PoolRestaurantKitchens
Serenity Cottage Shoal Bay Show map location $125

Phone/Fax: 264-497-3328
Official Web Page News article 4 units

On the beachRestaurantKitchens
Shoal Bay Beach Hotel / Ku Shoal Bay Show map location $285

Phone: 264-497-2011
Fax: 264-497-3355
Toll-free: 800-869-5827
Currently closed and undergoing construction
News article 27 units

On the beachSwimming PoolAir conditioningKitchens
Shoal Bay Villas Shoal Bay Show map location $270

Phone: 264-497-2051
Fax: 264-497-3631
Official Web Page More Info Link News article 13 units

On the beachSwimming PoolRestaurantKitchens

Official Web PageOfficial Web Page More Info LinkMore Info Visitor reportReview News Show map locationWhere? Air conditioningAirco Swimming PoolPool RestaurantRestaurant On the beachBeach TennisTennis KitchensKichens Children Restricted Children Restricted Pets OkayPets Allowed

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All of the hotels listed on this page are in the same price range. For other price ranges, click here. The price indicated is the minimum double room rate in the high season. Some rooms may be more expensive and a single may be less expensive. Rooms will generally be less expensive in the low season. The last comprehensive price update on this site was for the 2003-2004 season, so some prices may have changed. News article is the "Anguilla News", an Internet publication that provides tourist and local happenings in Anguilla. To read an article about a hotel in the Anguilla News, click on the red button.

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If you click on the Map icon, you will be shown a map of Anguilla with an arrow marking the location of the hotel. The map technology has been tested on Netscape 2.0 through 4.0 and Internet Explorer 2.0 through 4.0. It has not been verified on the 5.0 versions nor the AOL browser. The location named to the left of the map icon is for the beach or village where the hotel is located; if it is underlined, it is a link to a picture or a web page on that location.

Air Conditioning Air conditioning

Air conditioning is usually not necessary, except for a few months in the summer. Most of the year the trade winds and fans provide adequate cooling.

Swimming Pool Swimming Pool

Restaurant On site Restaurant

On the beach On the beach

The hotel is beachfront. However, this does not mean that all rooms are beachfront.

Tennis court Tennis

Some hotels have lit courts for night play.

Kitchens Kitchens

Some units have kitchens.

Children Restricted Children Restricted

Some restrictions for children. Check notes or the hotel home page for details and ages.

Pets OK Pets Okay


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